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Double electric breast pump

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  • Winner of 3 prestigious awards for form and function, the GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to make breastfeeding easier

  • compact and lightweight

  • Intuitive one-handed operation

  • Floral power LED indicator

  • Easy switching between stimulation and 5 expression modes

  • Support power bank and DC adapter

  • Compatible with the PIGEON wide and slim neck bottle

  • Non-slip surface to improve grip, cord loop for greater safety during use.

  • Includes: Pump Body, Funnel (2 pcs), Bottle Holder/Cover (2 pcs), Tube Connector (2 pcs), Wide Neck Adapter (2 pcs), Lid (2 pcs), Lid (2 pcs) ), Hood (2 pieces), Sealing disc (2 pieces) , Bottle 150 ml (2 pieces), Tube (2 pieces), Inner cup (2 pieces), Milk valves (2 pieces), Spout (2 pieces) , Motor pump unit, Power adapter, USB cable.

  • Size: 17.5 x 17 x 16cm

  • Weight: 694 grams

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