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Mamadera Anticólico Mam

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  • Includes 1 mam Anti-Colic bottle with a soft and flat teat like the nipple, similar to mom's breast.

  • Skin Soft Silicone Teat, highly accepted by babies and has a study carried out on 2,500 babies where 94% of them accepted the teat.

  • ANTI-COLIC: The base valve prevents the formation of air bubbles and the milk from turning into foam. This makes the baby swallow less air and reduces colic by 80%

  • EASY TO CLEAN: easy and safe thanks to the fact that it separates into 3 parts.

  • The only bottle that self-sterilizes itself in the microwave in just 3 minutes.

  • It takes care of the environment as it saves 77% of CO2 emissions compared to other sterilization methods.

  • Includes protective lid with measures and spill proof.

  • Developed by Doctors and Orthodontists, supporting the healthy development of teeth and jaws.

  • BPA free.

  • 260 ml bottle recommended for babies older than 2 months with flow 2 teat

  • Product imported from USA.

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