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single electric breast pump

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  • This compact and portable pump is perfect to help your breastfeeding.

  • It has 2-phase technology: stimulation and extraction modes.

  • Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow and Expression mode to maximize milk flow Pumping Style

  • Customizable pumping style with 2 adjustable suction levels with 5 suction speeds to choose from

  • Silent

  • Includes: Body cover of the breast pump. Silicone rubber breast pump body. Base. Catheter. Electric body breast pump. Power adapter, USB power cable.

  • The product weighs only 200g, with the size of the electric body 9 x 9 x 5cm

Payments with debit or credit cards. Shipping to all continental Chile. Dispatches in 2 to 5 business days .

*The delivery of the order may vary according to the demand of the delivery company.

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