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about us

About us?

We are Carolina and Paula, two moms who wanted to make the daily tasks involved in pregnancy and parenting easier and more efficient. Carolina is a midwife and Paula is a flight crew member; and we are inspired by our experiences as mothers in real and professional life, for this reason, we want to accompany and deliver to the different families the best products and advice to make the journey of being parents as rewarding as possible.

But this is not all, we have been friends since childhood and we have as a common motivation, to make this world a more sustainable place for our children to grow up, instilling care for the environment and focusing on products that are friendly to the planet.

Why choose us?

Because we accompany you at this stage, from pregnancy to parenting, with products and advice that support you in the process of becoming parents.

We combine products from the most recognized brands worldwide, as well as local ventures with unique and especially necessary designs.

Through our RRSS and website, we want to accompany you and give you our experience, backed by specialists, from a path of real motherhood and aligned with respectful and circular parenting. Understanding this concept as collaborative parenting, a network of parents and family where they support each other with advice and sharing their own experiences, something like a tribe.