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Hot/cold therapy gel pad

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  • Includes 2 Pads with 2 protective sleeves that help address breastfeeding challenges so you can nurse longer, thanks to the Advanced Bead System that conforms to the breast and provides 360-degree relief.

  • Use with heat: Helps relieve mastitis, obstructions and breast engorgement, and promotes milk flow

  • Use with cold: Relieves pain and swelling due to breast engorgement

  • Its unique design with interior beads means that the pack remains flexible even when frozen, for a perfect fit to the shape of the chest.

  • Reusable, includes soft washable covers

  • latex free

  • Size: 15x4x19cm

  • Store in a dry place at room temperature when not in use.

  • Clean interior with mild soap, alcohol, or detergent and allow to sit for 1 minute before rinsing and drying. The cover can be washed with normal clothing.

  • Can be heated in the microwave and used with a breast pump

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