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Why choose wooden toys?

 Why choose wooden toys?

More and more parents buy wooden toys for their little ones, motivated by concern for the environment, to avoid spending on batteries or because they are harmless and very pretty.

Wooden toys are ecological, safe and timeless . They are made to last for generations. But why should we choose them?

1. Wooden toys promote creative play.

Wooden toys are simple and focus on the skills that a child can choose and develop concentration. This simplicity allows children to explore, imagine and play as they wish.

2. Wooden toys introduce new concepts easily.

The wooden toys also make sound, but compared to other toys with flashy sounds and lights, they are quieter and calmer to make sure the child is not overwhelmed.

3. Wooden toys build a strong foundation for brain development

Wooden toys don't have any system to hold them together and that's their beauty. The child gives the toy 100% attention and focus. You are free to explore it however you want. Children can play with wooden toys in endless ways and they will all be right.

4. Wooden toys enhance cognitive development

Wooden toys provide our children with a comprehensive play-based learning experience that is important in their cognitive development . They help improve the child's logic and reasoning power along with the thinking process. They help a child understand different shapes, weights, and volumes, and encourage little ones to use their brains and come up with innovative ideas for play.

5. Wooden toys are strong and durable.

Many of the toys that we receive from our elders or are inherited are wooden toys, they are not indestructible but they are sure to be more durable . Also, it's nice to see your younger son play with the toys you gave to your older son.

6. Wooden toys are ecological

Most parents opt for wooden toys for environmental reasons and with good reason. Our little ones have a habit of putting toys in their mouths as soon as they pick them up or while playing. At Criandos we choose wooden toys that are made from renewable sources, are ecological and do not contain chemical products.

7. The wooden toys are attractive in design.

They may be simple, but wooden toys have that aesthetic appeal. They are soft, clean and just beautiful toys that last.

Not all toys that are made from materials other than wood are bad. It's good to have a balance in everything. Ideally, including wooden toys in their playtime along with other toys could benefit them in more ways than one.

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