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Organic or sustainable breeding?

Organic or sustainable breeding?

Is it the one where children grow up in the countryside and are only in contact with nature? Or the parents who use cloth diapers? The old breeding was ecological and now it is not?

But is it the same ecological and sustainable?

Ecological means that it is made with natural and renewable materials respecting the environment, since production guarantees the reduction of emissions of harmful and polluting substances with the environment. At the same time sustainable or sustainable is one that throughout its production chain uses natural, human and economic resources in the most efficient, intelligent and responsible way for the future. This means that in addition to being made with natural or recycled products, those who participated had adequate working conditions.

Sustainability includes ecological activities, for example a product made with recycled material is considered ecological, but if the cycle of production, storage, disposal, etc. does not meet the standards that we have mentioned above, it is not considered sustainable.

We know that there is no standard for how we raise our children, for this reason at Criandos we want to share some lines to better understand the world of eco-rearing.

As mothers, we believe that accompanying children in their growth is the main role of natural upbringing, respecting their needs and with the aim that they become healthy and happy adults. Therefore, we believe that unconditional love, presence, time, secure attachment, awareness and ecology should go hand in hand. In this sense, use ecological products, share clothes, toys, etc. These are some of the lines we want to follow.

At present, ecological habits have been integrated into our lifestyle and little by little, we are focusing on more responsible consumption, but how can we apply it to motherhood?

At Criandos we would like to start by trying to choose products, both toys and other items that our children use, that minimize the impact on the environment. Trying to put aside plastic and use alternatives such as wood, rubber, bamboo or cotton, which are some natural, renewable materials that degrade much faster. There are also others such as recycled plastic, fabric or cardboard or those that arise from organic plant matter such as sugar cane, corn, potato or rice starch.

On the other hand, we know that there are 100% food grade silicone items, but what is it? It is an inert, high-quality material that does not release toxic substances into the environment and also contributes to reducing waste. And while it doesn't break down easily, it's created with the goal of being highly durable, making it a great alternative to plastic.

At Criandos we are aware that reducing unnecessary consumption, reusing what we can and using organic products is a good way to build a better planet and teach our children by example.

At Criandos we dream of building a better world for our children, which is why we are moved to transmit a more ecological vision through products for motherhood and parenting.

For all of the above we tell you that in Criandos we have incorporated an ecological line to which we will include a wide variety of environmentally friendly products and we are working so that in the near future we can develop our own line of recycled items and that it be a contribution in the upbringing of our children.

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