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How to create good oral health habits for children?

How to create good oral health habits for children?

Oral hygiene is a fundamental aspect in children. From an early age, food can become trapped between the teeth from poor brushing.

This can lead to infections and acid buildup in the child's mouth. The acid causes the enamel to erode and cavities appear.


1- Brush your teeth with your child. Imitation is one of the best ways they will learn from you.

** Recommended: brush twice a day with 1000 ppm fluoride toothpaste after the first tooth erupts. Above all, brush before bed.

2-Watch what you eat. Both children and adults should limit their intake of sugary foods, such as ice cream, candy or other sweets. Sugar is one of the main causes of dental caries.

3- Choose a song that your children love to have fun brushing their teeth. Children love to do anything if you make it fun. If you sing and dance, they are likely to follow you. This will program into their head at a young age that brushing their teeth is fun.

4-Have a reward system for brushing your teeth. You can give it a sticker or a gold star. This provides incentives to encourage excellent oral health habits.

5- Use a toothbrush that your child loves and will make him want to brush more often. The use of dental floss is also recommended, there are some very entertaining children's. You can add a glass of rinse and thus have your toothbrush kit.

EXTRA: Visit the pediatric dentist from the moment the first tooth appears. It could teach you the need to follow proper dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your mouth properly, and flossing.

The sooner they are taught these habits, the sooner you can prevent cavities or other oral health problems in your lifetime!

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