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This box includes:

  • nail clippers set

Help take care of your baby's nails.

It is simple, easy to carry and pollution-free.

Choose the light blue or flush set for e box!

  • Biodegradable toothbrush

Jack N' Jill biodegradable toothbrush with an ergonomic, compostable handle made from 100% cornstarch and soft, rounded nylon bristles for thorough cleaning.

Ecological product respectful with the environment

Choose the design you like the most!

  • Biodegradable rinse cup

The Jack N' Jill Biodegradable Rinse Cup is made from bamboo and rice husks, it's a cute, earth-friendly, biodegradable cup.

Choose between the bunny or the Dino design!

  • Pack of 2 cotton flannel diapers in gender bag

They are perfect for swaddling newborns or using as burp cloths.

Measures 74cm x 72cm

Choose the pack you want!

  • stimulation book

They can be used from newborns. It is made of soft fabric. It has drawings and tails of colored animals

The products in the box are BPA, BPS and BPF free – safe for you and your baby.

Payments with debit or credit cards. Shipments to all Continental Chile. Dispatches in 24 to 72 business hours.

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