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10 Myths about Breastfeeding

10 Myths about Breastfeeding

1.- I do not produce enough milk:

Our baby controls the amount of milk we produce through suckling. We must let him drink as many times as our son needs ( free demand ) ensuring a correct position at the breast.

2- My milk is of poor quality

Although our diet is not very balanced, milk production is generated with the same quality, occupying our reserves.

It has been proven that even malnourished mothers who live in situations of poverty and extreme precariousness produce quality breast milk.

In most cases in which our baby is underweight, the cause is insufficient consumption of breast milk or some kind of problem unrelated to the quality of the milk.

3- I must have a special diet and restrict food, to avoid gas and colic in my baby.

While it is true that a certain diet can influence the flavor and color of milk, however, our baby is able to adapt without any problem and feed on milk of different flavors.

There are studies that say that the more varied the mother eats, the baby incorporates the flavors in his taste buds and can encourage him to get used to eating varied when he is older.

On the other hand, foods such as beverages, garlic, cabbage, onion, etc. they should not cause gas in children.

4- We must drink milk to have more breast milk

A healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, grains and protein is all we need to nourish and produce our milk. No other mammal needs to drink milk to produce it.

Also as a fact we tell you that calcium can be obtained from a wide variety of sources not related to dairy, such as green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts and fish, such as sardines and salmon.

5-Our baby must empty both breasts at each feeding

It is better for the child to finish taking the first breast before offering the second, even if he later rejects the second during that feeding.

The milk towards the end of the feed is rich in fat, which provides calories and is obtained gradually as the baby empties the breast.

If we change our breastfed child before it is empty, the baby will only consume the first milk and will not obtain the natural balance between the milk at the beginning and the end of the feed, reducing calorie consumption.

This can cause our baby not to be satisfied and could be the cause of not gaining weight.

6- If I don't breastfeed at night, my baby will sleep better.

Babies have shallow sleep as they are immature. As he grows, he will adapt and won't need to wake up as often. On the other hand, it is known that in most cases, 25% of his milk consumption occurs at night, which helps him to grow.

At Criandos we recommend sleeping close to your baby, so that when he wakes up, breastfeed him lying down and be able to go back to sleep.

7- If I express milk I will be able to know how much milk I produce

Myth! Our baby sucks more milk than we can artificially extract. The suction of our baby and that of the extractor is very different. We do not have to be guided by this parameter.

8- Low milk production is hereditary

Milk production has to do directly with how often and how we breastfeed our children. It has nothing to do with heredity.

What can have an influence is being accompanied by another mother who transmits a bad experience to us, which can generate a lack of confidence. At Criandos we help you to be informed so that this does not happen.

9-Breast on demand generates dependent children

The breast on demand is a necessity for babies. They are dependent because they need us as they are still immature in their development.

10-Breastfeeding depends on the type of delivery, the shape of the nipples and the size of the breasts

The size of our breasts does not influence the amount of milk we produce and the shape of the nipples in general does not affect breastfeeding. In some situations with umbilical or extremely large nipples, it may be more difficult, for this reason it is very important that we ask for help and support.

The type of delivery has no influence when lactation has already started. However, some complications or medications could delay its onset.

At Criandos we believe that the information and support we receive as mothers and the confidence in ourselves is very important. We know that many times it can be difficult and can lead us to stop breastfeeding. There is nothing wrong with this, it will not lead us to be a better or worse mother. Love yourself you are the best mom for your baby!

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