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How to Organize an Entertaining Baby Shower

How to Organize an Entertaining Baby Shower

Do you need to organize a baby shower and you don't know how? At Criandos we leave you some tips to make it an entertaining occasion for everyone.

  • The ideal time to have a baby shower is between 7 and 8 months of pregnancy . The mother already has a big bag, but in general, she feels good.
  • Prepare the guest list to know how many people will be. It is important to decide if you want a mixed baby shower or just girls.
  • You can choose a decoration theme for the party . It is not essential, but it can be a guide that will allow you to better organize the party, from the invitations to the buffet and the reminders. Topics can be very varied. Shabby Chic using pastel colors, with flowers and worn classic furniture. From Safari with figures of animals and white, green and brown balloons. A vintage theme with neutral and pastel colors, bunting, and old-fashioned crockery. Unicorn baby shower with rainbow colors, theme cake and gold balloons. A Gold rose style with golden colors and elegant accessories such as chandeliers. Another example is a baby shower of dad's favorite sport or a circus theme as well as a tropical style, among others.
  • Gifts: the more useful, the better! Toiletries, diapers, clothes, muslins , cushions , feeding sets , bottles , cosmetic products for the mother and the baby's bath , stimulation toys, etc.
  • Fun, short and original games . Some of the most popular are guessing the size of the guatita with a piece of wool, a competition of who changes the baby the fastest, guessing porridge flavors blindfolded, guessing who is who by showing photos of babies of party participants, letters with words of motherhood and parenting, among others. They can also have a dance competition or riddles.
  • Perhaps the most complicated part of the baby shower is the food and drinks. When it comes to taste, it's hard to please everyone. The best choice is usually to prepare an informal, simple and light buffet. Sweet and savory snacks as well as a themed cake.
  • Souvenir: It can be a wish book where the guests leave a dedication, this is very exciting for the parents. Or you can also deliver a detail. In this case we recommend something simple and useful like a refrigerator magnet or personalized chocolate.


  • Make a Whatsapp group with all the participants (except the pregnant woman to surprise her) and organize everything.
  • You can add a photo camera with instant printing. You can paste these photos in the wish book or save them so you will have them as a memory forever and not lose them on your phone. In addition, the camera is a good baby shower gift for future parents, they will be able to take photos of their baby non-stop and keep it instantly.

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