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12 original gift ideas for pregnant women

12 original gift ideas for pregnant women

Pregnancy is an exciting time for the mom-to-be and her entire tribe! If you have a special mom-to-be in your life, you'll want to celebrate her with love, support, and…the perfect gift.

Whether you are looking for a unique baby shower gift or you want to surprise the mom-to-be with something special, we leave you with the best gift ideas.

1) Pregnancy pillow

Being pregnant is not always easy or comfortable! Give her the gift of comfort with a pregnancy pillow so she can sleep soundly through the night. At Criandos we have some beautiful and comfortable maternity pillows that every mommy will love.

2) Yoga ball

A big yoga ball can be very helpful for stretching or working out with a big waddle. But did you know that yoga balls can also double as labor balls? By giving a yoga ball, you are giving a gift that will come in handy during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum workouts as well.

3) Kit for mom on the day of delivery

Travel size toiletries, slippers or a few surprise treats. You can include wet wipes to remove make-up and leave the skin soft, fresh and hydrated.

4) Newborn gift box

There's nothing wrong with giving a mom-to-be something for her little one! When you give her the newborn gift box she'll be even more excited to welcome her baby into the world. At Criandos we have a welcome box with useful and essential products when we have a child.

5) Ultrasound Art

Turn your baby's ultrasound into a beautiful keepsake. From a print in a simple frame to a collage of photos where you can later add those of the born baby. Anything with your baby's first photo is sure to be a hit.

6) Gift mom

Gift to pamper yourself at home or elsewhere as an electric foot massager, a massage to relax or a lymphatic drainage. Bonus: you can include some oil or cream to soothe and hydrate.

7) Summer Essentials

If you're going to be pregnant during the dog days of summer, make trips to the beach and pool days enjoyable with a gift set of sunbathing necessities. A nice glass to hydrate on hot days, a small portable fan or sunscreen.

8) Baby Bath Time Gifts

Help the mom-to-be get ready for bath time with her little one . It can be a folding bathtub , a duckling that measures temperature , a set of nail clippers , as well as special baby products such as shampoo, lotion or massage oil.

9) Personalized mug

A personalized mug for the mom-to-be will make her feel special while sipping her favorite beverages. You can complement with some tea that is your favorite.

10) Books

The possibilities are endless when it comes to books that an expecting mother will appreciate. Baby books, children's books, light reading, pregnancy books, parenting books, etc.

11) Robe or pajamas

Comfort is key during pregnancy! Outfit the expecting mom with pajamas to fit her growing tummy or a cozy robe to wear around the house.

12) Pregnancy photo session

Buying a photo session is an invaluable gift that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Giving as a gift is a way to express your support for the mom-to-be and shower her with love. It's not always easy to find the perfect gift, but with these ideas, choosing gifts for pregnant women may not be as difficult as you imagined.

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